Newbie at Blogging 😊

Hey everyone,

So I’m new to blogging. The reason I wanted to start blogging because I’ve seen it everywhere on booktubers and goodreads and since I love reading and watching TV shows I just thought maybe why not try it out. And I must say it is quite confusing at first trying to customize my page to look better. But really it’s not really like that. What makes it easier for me is that I can upload blogs through my WordPress app on my phone. Very convenient 👍

So I’ve just been thinking and outlining what I would be blogging. So I’ve come up with minor ideas such as:

  • Book reviews
  • TV shows reviews
  • Personal views on things and topics
  • Reading challenges

Yeh that’s about it I could come up with. I mean I’m still new to this so please bear with me. I love the atmosphere on here though, very different to Facebook and Instagram. First off because it’s not like bitching about others and unnecessary things. 🙏

Anyways I’m doing a pretty good job 👍 Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless x


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