Weekly Currently Reading (4th – 11th Sept)


Hey guys so I’ve been really thinking about this blog. You know, creating a schedule for myself to update this blog maybe weekly, every 2 days etc. On top of that I want to also have time to read and study. So I’ve been thinking. I haven’t quite got a schedule/plan up yet but I really want to sort of update you on a weekly basis on what I’ll be currently reading for that week. I’ve sort of set myself goals which are below:

  1. Read from at least 3-5 books per week.
  2. Keep to those books. Don’t wander off to reading other books. (I do this A LOT)
  3. Post updates on blog. 🙂
  4. Write in journal. Notes. While Reading.

So yes these are pretty much self-explanatory. So yeah, this feature is kind of similar to other features like ‘Monday, What are you Reading?’ etc. But since I can’t quite blog from Monday-Thursdays because of studies and other things, I wanted to start my week on Fridays and end on Fridays. There is that time for me to read throughout the weekend without worrying. I have also joined into 6 Goodreads Groups which are: Bookworm BellesScifi and Fantasy Book ClubThe Young Adult Book ClubPerustopia Book ClubComic Book Crazies & Readalongs with April. So there are monthly reads for these book clubs, I’ll be adding these into my weekly current reads when I get my hands on them 🙂 But anyhow, let me just get back to what I’m currently reading this week 🙂



Mind the table lol 

  1. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  2. Stone of Tears (Sword of Truth #2) by Terry Goodkind
  3. *The Color Purple by Alice Walker 
  4. *Rook by Sharon Cameron
  5. Amber House (Amber House #1) by Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed & Larkin Reed

*= Goodreads Groups monthly read