Weekly Wrap Up (4th – 11th Sept)



So from Friday 4th – Friday 11th 2015, I was suppose to read:

Amber House by Kelly Moore, Larkin Reed & Tucker Reed.

Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

 The Color Purple by Alice Walker

 Rook by Shane Cameron

 The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

But instead I only read 2 of the 5. I know I didn’t fulfill this week’s reading but I’m happy that I finished a book or two. So the two I read was:

Amber House by Kelly Moore, Larkin Reed & Tucker Reed.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Reviews will be coming up sooner or later today. I will be also putting up what I will be reading from the 11th – 18th September. 🙂 The reason I couldn’t finish reading the rest was because I’ve just been so so so so tired from school and wok. Reflections have been too much for me. On top of that, my grandmother has been really sick lately and so I’ve been looking after her for the past few days. Although that may be, I can’t seem to be engaged in reading The Name of the Wind. I’m just not in the mood I guess. So I’ve decided to put that on hold for a while and continue the other two unread just don’t know when. 🙂